Maranda Nolen
Planning and Zoning Director
P.O. Box 919
160 Walker Drive, 2nd Floor
Springville, AL 35146
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The Planning and Zoning Department handles various applications and requests of the city.
Among those are business licenses, nuisance complaints, yard sale permits, sign
and banner permits, mobile home permits, peddler permits and requests of multiple boards.

All site plans and plot plans must first be submitted and approved by the Zoning Director prior to construction in the City of Springville. It is unlawful for work to begin prior to approval of plans, issuance of a business license, and prior to obtaining all appropriate permits required by the Inspections Department. Note: It is the sole responsibility of the contractor to obtain and/or inquire on setbacks and/or any other zoning requirement set forth by the City of Springville.

Please use the links below to assist you with your request. If you do not see what you are
looking for among the links provided, please feel free to reach out to the Planning
and Zoning Director via phone or email. Thank you!

*Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustments, and Historical Commission Minutes are available at City Hall.