Parks & Recreation

Springville has three parks that provide a variety of opportunities for adults and especially children. The largest park is the Youth Sports Complex located at 101 Camp Road. This facility has three baseball fields, a softball field, two concession stands, a pavilion, and four batting cages. The city owned VFW building, which is available for the public to rent, is also located in this complex. This park was completed in 1978 and was partially funded by Federal and State grants.

Children can participate in youth baseball, softball, and soccer, which is organized by the Springville Youth Association, at this location. The Springville Youth Association also provides a youth basketball league that utilizes Springville's Middle and Elementary school gyms. The Springville Youth Football League uses this complex for practice and plays their home games on the Springville High School football field. Springville's youth baseball/softball program has over 400 participants, while the youth basketball program has grown to almost 250 players. Both soccer and football have close to 160 kids participating in each sport. The soccer program, which has only been around for five seasons, has already produced a state champion and two state runners up. The girls softball program can also claim a state championship 5/6 year old team.