Fishing at Big Springs Park

Big Springs Park is located at 75 Old Talladega Road. This park contains a small lake that draws it's water from the crystal clear stream of spring water that flows through the park. This stream of water originates a short distance north of the park and is the runoff from the city's main drinking water source. You can also find a popular walking track at Big Springs Park. The track is 1730 feet in length and extends along the creek and around the lake. Bright, decorative lighting surrounds the track to provide an opportunity for those that prefer to walk at night. Monuments honoring Veterans and the recipients of the Purple Heart can also be found in the park.

The park located at 44 Woodie Street also provides various things for adults and children to enjoy. A large pavilion at the park has proven to be excellent for hosting family outings, reunions, and picnics. There are swings and climbing challenges for the kids. A smaller than regulation size basketball court has produced highly competitive basketball tournaments on many weekends.

Springville's recreational plans for the near future include the construction of a multimillion dollar recreational complex that will provide opportunities for both youth and adult sports activities including baseball, softball, football, soccer, tennis, and walking facilities designed to accommodate the continued growth in our area for many years to come.

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