Garbage & Debris Pick-Up

Waste Management is the company contracted to handle citizens’ garbage and debris services. You may contact them at 1-800-333-7724.


Garbage Collection

Garbage collection occurs once a week, on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (depending on where you live). Garbage collection begins at 7:00 AM. Please place carts curbside prior to 7:00 AM. The Waste Management roll out cart provided is for general household garbage only. Please contact the number above if your cart becomes damaged or inoperable, if your garbage collection is missed, or if you have questions or concerns.

Debris Pick-up

Waste Management provides an additional debris pick-up service, every other week, to existing trash customers. This service is for trash or debris generated by the customers in the city. Trash or debris shall be taken to the curbside of the customer's property. Waste Management defines trash or debris as the following:
“Trash or Debris”- as either term is used it shall mean nonputrescible and non-combustible, including tree limbs no longer than four (4) feet or 5” in diameter, bagged grass clippings and leaves, old furniture, mattresses, bed springs, wood, small debris, cloth, paper, cardboard, cardboard boxes, tin cans, glass, crockery, metals and other similar materials, excluding (a) items weighing over 80 pounds; (b) items (other than tree limbs) over six (6) feet long; and (c) items excepted in the definition of “Garbage.”

Garbage is defined by Waste Management as:
“Garbage”- all solid or semi-solid refuse subject to decay or petrification, tin cans, bottles and other food and drink containers, food packaging materials, paper and all waste or animal or vegetable matter, except: (1) large appliances, heavy furniture, and cans with a capacity in excess of ninety-five (95) gallons; (2) Medical Waste; (3) trees, wallpaper, roofing material, plaster, concrete, concrete blocks or other substances that may accumulate as a result of the clearing of lots or land or of the repairs to, or construction of buildings undertaken and performed by licensed contractors; and (4) waste or refuse which is defined, characterized or designated as hazardous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or appropriate agency of the State of Alabama by or pursuant to federal or state law, or which cannot be lawfully disposed of at a sanitary landfill without special treatment or handling.

For more information or questions, you may call (205) 467-2704 or a copy of this information is available at the Public Works Dept.