Contact The Police

(205) 467-2701

(205) 467-6136

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Submit to Zoning Director on 2nd floor of City Hall.


In case of emergencies the City of Springville Police Department encourages citizens to dial 911.


You can contact Chief Crapet at:

Phone: 205-467-2701


Springville Police Department

City of Springville has a highly trained police force that provides excellent police services to the citizens of Springville. The Police Department operates 24 hrs/7days a week and is open 365 days a year. The main headquarters for the Police Department is located at 150 Walker Drive, Springville, Alabama.

The Springville Police Department consists of a total of 11 full time sworn officers and 2 part time sworn officers, 2 reserve officers who are currently in training as well as 2 school crossing guards who are assigned to the department. Springville "Full Time" Police Force includes the Chief of Police, 2 Sergeant, 2 Corporal, 1 Investigator and 5 Patrol Officers. The Springville Police Department is divided into the following Divisions: Administrative, Uniformed Patrol and Criminal Investigations.
Springville police officers are assigned to A, B, C or D-Squads and work rotating12 hour shifts. All officers are certified in the use of the Drager Breathalyzer for DUI enforcement and are required to complete the State of Alabama mandatory annual firearms qualification at 70% or better. The Springville Police Department has a 2 certified Firearms Instructors on staff.

The Springville Police Department has a fleet of 11 patrol vehicles that are equipped with the state of the art video cameras and radar detection units. The police department has a Harley Davidson Motorcycle that is used for accident investigations, speed reduction and traffic enforcement in our city.

Chief Belinda Crapet is the Department Head and is responsible for the overall supervision and administration of the Police Department. The Chief of Police is responsible for making police department policies, procedures and addressing citizen complaints. The Chief of Police reports directly to the Mayor.