Springville Fire Department

Located 30 miles North East of the City of Birmingham the Springville Fire Department provides primary Fire and Advanced Life Support services to the City of Springville. In addition we provide hazardous materials technical response for the Northern half of St. Clair County.

Springville Fire Department is comprised of a combination of paid and volunteer members with 10 full-time personnel, 3 part time personnel, and 10 volunteers. The department is headed by Chief Richard Harvey who has served the City as a firefighter since 1985 and as fire chief since 2001.

The Springville Fire Department operates from two fire stations. Station #1 is located at 200 Walker Drive and houses Engine Companies 551 and 553, Service Truck 571, a 2005 Ford F550 hazardous materials response unit with two 16' cargo trailers, and a Mobile Command Unit.

Station #2 is located at 1616 Mountain View Road and houses Engines 552 and Engine 554.

There are three full time staffing positions daily plus the Chief.  Both stations are staffed 24/7 and have at least one Engine company at each station equipped with Advance Life Support equipment. There is at least one and may be as many as three paramedics, on duty 24 hours per day. Springville Fire Department maintains a straight Class 2 ISO rating which was received in 2014.

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